Book Review, “The Flaw”


Author_Antonis Samarakis

Genre_Crime and detective fiction

Publisher_Kastaniotis Publishers

Where_to_ buy_

A police undercover investigator, along with a colleague of his, is assigned to transport a man to their headquarters for interrogation. The young man is accused for the crime of being in a revolutionary organization against the government and the status quo. The plan is simple; the two of them, accused and detective, should bond enough on their road trip to have the accused admitting his involvement in the resistance. But things aren’t always as they seem…

Wow, a book written in 1965!

This was the first crime fiction novel I ever read. I was delighted to have seen this one,after all those years, still at online bookstores, on, etc etc etc. And I must admit to one thing; this one scarred my soul.

The author, Samarakis, at that time 46 winters of age, dealt with issues like power that comes with authority, totalitarianism, and gentle emotions. Don’t be afraid by the novel’s age; it still applies to our lives, now more than ever. The book’s flashbacks, along with the author’s unique narration style, grant us an amazing story, full of emotions and full of action.

Translated into 31 languages (first written in Greek), it was awarded the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière prize for best international crime novel in 1970.

If you ever get the chance, don’t miss this one…





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