Interview with Lily From As The Rain Falls

222218_378811105543302_1640844211_nHello Lily, 

Thanks for joining me in this interview and letting your fans know more about you and your character:)
It’s a pleasure having you here:)
How is it being in this great book?
I absolutely love it after 160 yrs as a member of The Floral Covenant it is so nice to be able to share my story
What did you think when the 1st day of school repeated it self?
At first with everything going on I barely noticed and then I remembered that Rose  had worn the same sweater twice so I checked in my diary and verified I was trapped in a time loop used by the Stone Covenant to prevent me from discovering their plan.
How was it not forming a relationship till the last-minute with Brandon?
We have had a very intimate relationship in the past and it always interfered with our mission, to be honest I thought I could Resist Brandon this time around but I was wrong.
How does it feel being The Princess for the Harvest Festival and your best friend Maggie being crowned Queen?
i was so happy for Maggie but to be honest I would of rather not won I am not one who likes to be the center of attention.


What did you think the first time that you, Maggie, and Rose messed with the earth’s elements?
The first time we combined our powers were at the beach house it seems that the fear that flowed through our veins let our powers seep out. Over the centuries I never met two girls that really got me and understood me like Rose and Maggie. Unfortuanitly our powers only activate 3 mths before our 18 birthdays so we are still trying to get the bugs out. Our powers are our own but they react differently depending on the elements and the ones who hold the powers.
When “The Stone Covenant” interfered with Homecoming what did you think was happening?
I was in a daze at first with all the commotion going on but I soon seen the weapons and heard the screams and since I was still not up to full power I felt helpless watching the others fall.
How is it having all them powers?
Awesome in some ways I can always be warm as long as there is something to burn but terrible if I let my anger take control.
What is yours, Maggie, and Rose’s powers for and what are they?
Our powers are to help us keep the Universe balanced and to protect the innocents.
As you know my power is fire I just have to want it and it shall be done. Maggie has the element of Earth she controls plants and animals through her elegant power of music, Rose she is our Water element she can make a tidal wave with a blink of her eyes and purify water with a slight touch.
Brandon, Ashton, and Berk are our protectors our warriors elite fighters and protectors.


Once again Thanks Lily for letting me do this interview. Your awesome and so is your character 🙂
Thank you this was a blast and please stay tuned I have centuries to catch you guys up on :}

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