Interview with Layla and Jared attending

ImageHi Layla.

Layla – Hi thanks for inviting me. I hope you don’t mind him being here. He wouldn’t let me do this without coming too.

Jared – I’m looking out for your interests.

Layla – Being nosey more like it.

Tell me about your character a little.

Layla – There’s not really much to tell. I like to think I’m smart and make good choices.

*Glances at Jared in the corner*

But sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the right thing and what’s right for you. I’m pretty independent too.

*Jared snorts a laugh from across the room and Layla gives him a warning look*

I am independent but that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to be taken care of sometimes. I guess I am also a little impatient and demanding sometimes.

Jared – A little impatient and demanding? Try infuriating and indecisive.

Layla – Whose interview is this? We agreed on the ride over. Observation only remember?

*Jared holds his hands up defensivly.*


What did you love most about Ollie and Jared?

Layla – Ollie is really sweet. He’s a great guy and a great friend too. I mean, he even knows how I take my coffee and my favourite breakfast.

Jared is… *looks over at him* Jared.

He’s intense and he gives me exactly what I need. He’s my reasoning and logic when I get a little crazy sometimes. Besides, look at him. He’s hot!

How did it feel when you first learned Ollie was in love with you?

*Layla gives Jared an awkward look.*

Layla – It was hard. I really liked him and he was a great friend. I was really worried we would ruin a friendship if I allowed it to go too far though.

How did it feel when Jared was jealous over yours and Ollie’s relationship?

Layla – Urgh. What a nightmare that was! He still does it and we’re miles away from him. He knows I love him and how much he means to me so I’m hoping that now we’re official, he’ll chill out a little.

*Muttering under her breath*

Though I doubt it.

How did it feel when Jared told you he loved you?

Layla – Like Christmas! I thought I would explode! I just couldn’t believe it because he’s well, him. But I think he made a good call falling for me.

*Layla winks at Jared who smiles back at her*

What did you think was the main reason Jared kept secrets from you at first?

Layla – I was totally convinced he was screwing around. But I’m glad I know the truth. The trust thing was a big issue for me, well, for us.

When you saw Jared’s sister in his kitchen what really came to your mind? – Spoiler

Layla – Oh god, I don’t even remember. I wanted to scream, cry and vomit all at once. I just remember an intense amount of pain. Like I’ve never felt before. I didn’t know then what I know now.

What was it like being in love with a millionaire? Especially since you was middle class?

Layla – I never think about it to be honest. I forget sometimes that he has all that money. It’s easier now that he’s not constantly giving me gifts. That got really old, really fast. I understand why he did it but I’m glad he’s found a new way to show me affection.

Why didn’t you like Jared buying you all them expensive Jewelry?

Layla – I just didn’t think it was nesecary. It also made me feel a little cheap.

Jared – You, Layla Jennings, are many things but cheap is not one of them.

*Layla gives Jared that warning look again.*

Jared – I know, I know…silent observation.

What was it like taking Ollie home for the holidays? – Spoiler

Layla – It was nice. I didn’t want him to be alone on Christmas and as his friend I felt like it was the right thing to do.

What hurt the most Ollie leaving for Utah or Jared leaving for Europe? – Spoiler

Layla – I can’t really answer that. They both hurt for different reasons and in different ways. All I know is it was hard saying goodbye.

Why did you decide to follow Jared to Europe? – Spoiler

Layla – I listened to my heart and my heart screamed Jared. There’s no real reason or ryhm to anything we do I guess. We have to go with our gut instinct.

Did you ever hear from Ollie after that? – Spoiler

*Layla looks at Jared who is watching her like a hawk, waiting for her answer*

Layla – Um. He never got in touch and I didn’t either.

*Jared seems to relax a little again*

What did Amy and Mel think when you choose Jared? – Spoiler

Layla – I have no idea. All I know is that they were great and so understanding. The seemed to just know what was going on with me and I guess they knew I needed a push to figure it out. Best friends are the ones that know you best, maybe even better than you know yourself

Thanks Layla and Jared for doing this interview.Congratulations on this wonderful book!




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