Interview with Trish Marie Dawson

324209_464836700218543_1561807043_oHello Trish how are you?

 Hi! I’m doing very well, thank you for having me!

I would like to take a moment to congratulate you on your New Release “Dying To Remember” 
-Thank you!
Now your book “Dying To Remember”which is released today what makes this book different from Book One?
-It’s obviously the continuation of the main character’s story but it has a twist – a new character that is not from the Station that upsets the delicate balance. I can’t say much without giving the surprises away, but I will say this – the new character is not exactly ‘human’.
 Can you tell me all about your Book One in the series?
-Sure! The first book follows the story of Piper Willow, an 18yr old girl that suffers heartache, loss and abuse and ends up dying just after her high school graduation. Instead of moving on to Heaven or Hell she wakes up in a place called the Station – an in-between place where she is given the option of returning back to earth as the subconscious of people in need. The book touches on some serious issues that people of all ages face, but has a silver lining – one of hope.
Can you give us an idea about this book without giving us any spoilers?
-Well, it’s ‘my’ take of the after-life after having a vivid dream earlier this year. It touches on issues of suicide – something I think teenagers should talk about more, which is why it makes me happy to hear readers comment that the book should be read by younger people. My intention was not to glorify suicide in any way, but only to make readers think ‘what-if’.
What character is your favorite and why?
-Probably Piper – as she is the main character. I put her through a lot and expect her to be a fighter. She has her flaws, which make her someone readers can relate to…but she surprises even me every so often. She definitely has a style all her own – even in my head.
What inspired you while you was writing this book?
-The combination of a dream and the death of my Aunt last year. She was only 49, and I still hear her voice inside my head.
Did you get any ideas from real life experiences (past, present, or future) or did it come from your creative mind?
-Oh yes! I get my ideas mostly from my dreams, and then fit in a ton of real life experiences into every main character. How can I not?!
Now tell me about your self Trish
Can you please tell us what inspires you the most to write?
-It has always been a dream, but my kids propel me forward now. I don’t want to let them down. I’m happy that I can prove to them the old saying, ‘You can achieve your dreams if you work hard for them’, or however it goes. My nine year old daughter is proud of me, and that makes me happy and keeps me writing.
How did you begin writing and at what age did you write your first book?
-I guess I began years ago in high school…but my actual first book was not started until December of 2011. I have since published it, as well as three other works. It’s been a very, very busy year!
How long did it take you to write your first book and then how long did it feel like it took you?
-It took me four months. It felt like four years at times, but when I was done it felt like four weeks. 🙂
Was “Once Upon A Twisted Time” with Lindsay Avalon, Miranda Stork, and Tara Woods your first book you ever wrote, and how was it writing that book with 3 different ladies?
-This was not my first book – but it was my first Anthology. I had a blast writing with these women. They are all awesome and have such different writing styles that the stories in the book have their own voice, but we also fit together well as a team. I would write again with these ladies ANY day.
What is your favorite food?
-Oh wow. Pizza. Probably…or maybe salad.
What is your favorite color?
-Almost ANY shade of blue.
Where is your favorite place to visit in the world?
-I would love to visit Ireland but I have a feeling if I do go there, I won’t come back to the States!
Do you have any pets, if so what kind and what is there names?
-Yes, we have plenty! We have a dog – Zoey, who is 3yrs old. My oldest cat is P.J. and he is…oh…going on 12yrs old, and the youngest cat is River and he was a rescue, and is an awfully sweet kitty – he just turned 2yrs old. Funny but ALL of them are tuxedo – black with white markings. We didn’t plan this, and obviously we don’t wear a lot of white around the house. O.o We also have a fish tank with Murphy the Beta and Ivy the frog.
Trish where can your wonderful friends find you at?
-I am most easily found on my

Facebook Author page: 

My Amazon Author page:

My Blog:

and on Twitter:

We are going to wrap this up and I would like to say Congrats on your new book “Dying To Remember” and on all of your hard work! Thanks for letting me do this interview on such a short notice.  
-You are most welcome – thank you for having me here with you today! And thank you for the well wishes…I am very excited for this release and hope everyone enjoys it as much as they did the first! 🙂 Much love to you!
Thanks a bunch Trish for doing this interview with me! 









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